Fall in Trust

This is something that needs to be taken more seriously when it comes to love and relationships. Today’s culture is losing touch of love and relationships because one of the main ingredients is often forgotten, trust. What is love without trust? I repeat, what is love without trust? Think about it, do you really love someone who gives you a bad feeling in your stomach whenever they aren’t around you. Do you really love someone who is attached to their phone and panics the second you ask the see it…that is if they even let you. Why wouldn’t the person who you share your life with be able to show you their phone? Yes, everyone is entitled to their own privacy, but no one in a relationship should feel the need to hide anything. If you feel you need to hide something from your partner, something is clearly wrong. There is something about your gut feeling you need to remember, it’s usually right. You can only follow your heart so many times before you need to start thinking with your head. Is this person completely right for me? Am I supposed to feel a sense of anxiousness and wonder when I’m not with them, even sometimes when I am with them? Is that friend just a friend? Do they love me as much as they say they do? If you find yourself asking yourself these questions, than you already have your answer. Could it just be you and your horrible case of trust issues? Yes, 100%. Their will be times you are paranoid and out of line. If you constantly find yourself feeling this way, maybe you shouldn’t be with this person, or anyone. Being alone is a good thing, it’s cleansing. No one has the time to be thinking about these things all day long, so maybe it’s time to do something about it if you are. When you’re in a relationship with someone, you should feel comfortable and safe even when they aren’t around. Everyone’s in love when they’re in the same room, but if you aren’t in trust when they leave, what does that say? It says a lot. This one specific being has complete hold of your heart, and you gave them that to cherish. By giving someone the power to protect you, is also giving them the power to destroy you. It could take years to build something, but only seconds to diminish it. Protect yourself.



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