Dream On

I’ve always wondered if our dreams at night had deeper meanings than “just a dream”. I’m not talking about the dreams where you’re on a mystical island with unicorns and money trees, I’m talking about the dreams that feel so real that you find yourself questioning whether they really happened or not. The dreams that you wake up from wanting more and have the ability to effect the entire day ahead of you. I’ve had my share of dreams about those who are no longer apart of my life, but what does it mean when you dream about someone you can’t recall thinking about. Suddenly, you find yourself thinking about them because of a dream you had no control over. We sit there and blame our subconscious, but how can we blame something we have no control over. Our subconscious mind is something so beyond us, so when it delivers us these vivid dreams, what is it trying to tell us? If this is some kind of mind game, I’m doing a terrible job at decoding it. Maybe dreams aren’t meant to be decoded, but what do you do when they leave that lasting effect on you. I’ve dreamt about my first love from years ago multiple times, and each time we’ll somehow cross paths again and fall back together. I wake up from it and ponder it for about 4 minutes, only to continue on with my day like it never happened. Though…their is one person in specific, when she enters my subconscious dream path, she doesn’t leave as easily. Last nights dream was one of those dreams that threw me for a loop, “is this real or is this just a dream?” Whatever it was, I didn’t want it to be over. If I could choose to dream a dream again, that’s the dream I would choose every time. Is that my subconscious mind shining through and telling me something or am I over thinking the entire situation. Am I still in love with this person or maybe something I subconsciously remembered made me miss them. Dreams are truly incredible if you really think about it. You are the star of your own movie that someone else wrote. Though some appear terrifying at times, their will be those dreams that you could sleep through forever. Bring it on subconscious mind, what do you have in store for me tonight?



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