So, You Had A Bad Day

There will be good days, and there will be bad days. Boy, when those bad days come around, they knock you into next Tuesday. Everything and anything becomes irritating. Your chest is constantly tightened throughout the day, you’re almost out of breath from the build up. The only thing as tight as your chest, is the clench in your jaw you can’t seem to release. Your palms eventually fill up with sweat because your closed fists are gasping for air.

Any task at hand is almost unbearable because all you really want to do is yell, cry or just curl up into a ball away from it all. Carrying on with what was your normal lifestyle after tragedy strikes is the hardest part of all. What was once normal, is no longer normal. A regular day was filled with more excitement, even when it sucked, somehow you were able to find the good in it. That isn’t so easy anymore.

It’s tough seeing the good in anything anymore because the one thing you thought was the best, wasn’t. Suddenly, colors aren’t as bright, food becomes tasteless, your facial expression is emotionless, and conversation becomes a burden because the sound of anyone’s voice is just white noise.

You ran yourself dry for someone who would let you suffer from dehydration. You’ve drained yourself completely at this point that you no longer have the energy to put into anything else going forward. At least, that’s what it feels like. Why should you? What’s the point? So you can ultimately be led to yet another case of disappointment.

Your tank is on empty, so you spend your time trying not to think about it so you don’t have to go through the emotional dismay. When that doesn’t work, all you end up feeling is anger or sadness, sometimes a little bit of both. It’s a vicious cycle.

At least you have your friends by your side telling you things like, “it will get better,” “things could be worse,” “she’s an idiot, you deserve better.” Wow…I’M CURED. Now now, there is no need in coming off bitter, they’re just trying to help. Let them know you appreciate them, but for right  now…please shut up. Of course there are worse things in the world, have you turned on News 12 lately?

We all know deep down, that even when disaster hits and it feels like the end of the world, that it isn’t. Newsflash..IT. STILL. SUCKS. It hurts like hell and we have all been there and will be there time and time again.

But hey, keep your head up buttercup. Unfortunately, bad things do happen to good people. I know, total bullshit right? The most important thing to keep in mind is that it’s just a bad day, not a bad life.

One thought on “So, You Had A Bad Day

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this. Not because of the way you feel inside, but because of how passionate you are when you write. I could feel how deeply you dig into yourself. You are a beautiful soul, Sam. Much love and light to you during the good and the bad days.

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