Farewell, Fair Weather Friend

So, it’s taken me some time to sit here and gather my thoughts into one piece of writing regarding the damage you’ve done. I can’t say I’m nearly as angry or saddened as I once was, but I can say I will never understand your motives. It’s hard to understand things that are completely out of your control. It’s even more difficult to understand something when you aren’t given the decency of a proper explanation. Well, I can’t sit here forever and wait for some lame excuse that quite honestly, I may never get. I have better things to worry about and the last thing I would want to do is inconvenience your life anymore than I already have. That is what you said, right? You couldn’t handle anymore in your life than you were already dealing with, so it made complete sense to completely cut me out of your picture. Forcefully, I took these last couple of weeks to understand what you did on my own, and all I have to say is, thank you.

Shocking, right? What could I possibly be thanking YOU for? Unlike you, I do have the decency to sit here and give you a proper description of why I feel the way that I do.

  1. Thank you for showing me exactly what I don’t want in a friend. You were everything I wanted and more in a friend, until you weren’t. I guess that’s why they say everyone’s true colors show eventually. You lit up like a Christmas tree.
  2. Thank you for proving to me that I need to choose more carefully when it comes to the people I trust. Do you remember how I would tell you that you were the only person I fully trusted? I guess you can see where I’m going with this.
  3. Thank you for showing me that not everyone has the same heart as I do, regardless of the amount that I give. It’s crazy to think how much time I spent with you, day in and day out for months. The second things went downhill for me, you were gone quicker than I could say “fair weather.”
  4. Thank you for showing me the amount of loyalty I am actually capable of. Even now after all you’ve put me through, it’s hard to believe I have kept the things sacred from when we were friends even now when we’re not.
  5. Thank you for reassuring me that I will never let a love interest affect the way I treat the people I care for. That I will never allow a single human being to manipulate me or sway my mind to believe anything other than my own beliefs. Unfortunately, I can’t say the same for you.
  6. Thank you for showing me the true definition of cowardice. We are all entitled to our own decisions, as you are yours. But, for anyone to diminish the value of a friendship due to those decisions, is truly pathetic.
  7. Thank you for not being there when I needed you the most. By doing that you made me realize I don’t need you at all.
  8. Thank you for not choosing my side. You single-handedly defined the line between loyalty and betrayal. I never knew how fine the line was until I met you.
  9. Lastly, thank you for wasting my time. I’m not referring to the length of this friendship. I’m referring to the amount of times I gave you the benefit of the doubt and the amount of times I let you know how great of a person you were and the amount of times I reminded you, that you deserved better. Plot twist, turns out you didn’t deserve better. Meanwhile you’ve become the exact person who hurt you. Not only are you just as bad as her, but you’re hurting an innocent person in the process, the same exact way that you were hurt.

I would say I feel bad for you, but I don’t. I thought you didn’t deserve the things you were put through by somebody who never actually cared about you, or anyone for the least. The only thing you don’t deserve, is a friend like me.  Finally, I can blissfully walk away from this situation just as you chose to walk away from me. One final thank you for the memories, your innocence will be greatly missed. It’s truly a shame the amount you’ve thrown away in the process, but it wouldn’t be a fulfilled life if we all didn’t learn things the hard way.



One thought on “Farewell, Fair Weather Friend

  1. Ok so I love this. Not just because you sound so similar to me when I lost my very best friend, but how you chose to handle this. I’m really proud of you Sam. At least you can move ahead with a clear conscience and forget about this bump in the road.


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