Open Letter To My Best Friend

This is to you.

This is my formal thank you for being the exact person that you’ve been and why it’s affected my life so greatly. Most of it may seem like a cliché, but you’ve met every expectation of what someone needs in a best friend. To refer to you as my best friend even sells you quite short, you’ve become so much more than that in the years.

You go through life, meeting numerous people. Filling new ones in and sorting old ones out. Some are acquaintances, while some are just passer-byes. We will allow some to overstay their welcome, and sometimes even push aside those that could have done us better. I can’t say that about you. You came, I welcomed you in, and that’s where you will remain forever.

All we want is someone to stick by our side, even if they don’t necessarily agree with our motives. Someone who will construct, but never criticize. Someone who you can sit in complete silence with, and never feel any sort of void or discomfort. Someone who can hear your silence, and know exactly the words you are screaming. Someone who will be your number one fan without any conditions or standards to uphold. Someone who you will grow with, but never surpass. Someone who you know will always be there for you, even when they aren’t around. Someone who fills in all the cracks when you feel yourself breaking. Someone who you will always pick up where you left off with regardless of time or distance. Someone who knows you better than you know yourself when you need a second opinion. Someone who guides you home when you are lost and can’t find your way. Someone who loves you when you can’t love yourself, and reminds you of all the reasons why you should. Someone who inspires you to be better, without ever asking you to do anything different. Someone who reassures us that we are never alone. Someone we can call our someone without hesitation or remorse.

There is no one else I’ve met like you, and that goes for me too. With every opposite aspect in the book, we seem to always fit. You balance me and I hold you up. Promises are for amateurs, because this goes without saying. Though we know our bond will unanimously last, everyone deserves to know how special and appreciated they are. And that you are, special, and that I do, appreciate you.

Here’s to you my best friend, thank you for all that you do.


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