Here We Are Again

Here we are again. Right where we left off; right where you left me. 30 days of silence, 30 days out of sight, but not a second out of mind. You left my heart, but you never left my mind. You left my heart, but I never left your mind. So tell me, why are we here again. Why are we here, where you left behind so many moments of bliss? You’ve been missing those moments of bliss, that is what you said. While you were out there looking for yourself, you only found yourself looking for me again.

We look for the things we are missing, and sometimes we never find the things that we think we’re looking for. Most of the time, we have no idea what we are really looking for, what we need and want, what will make us whole again. And at times, we look for ourselves in the people we love, and we hope that we find ourselves there. You got lost in me, and I lost my way. You said I wasn’t strong enough to save you, so when you fell apart, you looked to somebody else to pick up your pieces. Meanwhile, the person you needed to pick up your pieces was no one else but you.

Here we are again. Your pieces are intact. Your world is at peace. But this time, when you looked up, you weren’t looking up at me anymore. I wasn’t the light at the end of your tunnel. After you fell apart, it took you coming back together to realize that it was my love that was your light. You didn’t know why it was dark, so you went searching for my light.

Here we are again, in my room. Here we are again where we fell in love more than once, where we fell apart more than once, where we shared ideas, passions, experiences and pleasure. Here you are again in my arms, where you once fit so perfectly. Here you are again in my head, rushing through faster than you ever have. Here you are again, it feels like we’re meeting for the first time.

30 days of separation, 30 different coping mechanisms, and it only took 30 minutes to rediscover each other. Here we are again; it feels like the first time all over again, but at the same time it doesn’t. So are we here again, or are we here for the first time. You look like you, I feel like me, I just can’t put my finger on it.

Here we are again, timing was never your forte. You were never on time for anything, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that you came back too late for me. Without expectation, there you were again. And all I could think is what would have come of this if you had just showed up 30 days earlier. I wouldn’t have had 30 days to cope, 30 days without you, and 30 days to move on.

Why are you here with me? Why are you here where you left me once before? You made your choice, aren’t you happy now? Here we are again in the place that we called home, but it doesn’t feel like home anymore. I only chose you, but you stopped choosing me. So why are you here?

Tell me why you’re here. Tell me again how you’ve been missing me since you’ve been gone. Tell me again how your love for me could never measure up to anyone else. Tell me that you couldn’t find happiness while you were out there, so you came back for me to find it. Tell me that you found it. Tell me I’m your happiness and you can’t live without me. Tell me again all the things you think I need to hear.









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