The Love That You Deserve

When the moments you spend asleep are just as precious as the moments you spend awake, that’s when you know you’ve found happiness.

It was Saturday morning; the wind from the storm woke you up. Your dreams weren’t just a part of your sleep anymore, she was right there when you woke up. Trees against the window were loud enough to take you from your sleep, but you can’t thank them enough for waking you up to your favorite sound. Steady breaths, long lashes and a relaxed face. Slowly she breathes in, a deep sleep at the heart of morning, so beautiful and so awakening. You could watch her sleep forever, but you would miss her voice. You run your fingers through her hair with the idea that she can feel you in her dreams, and as she opens her eyes, she knows in that moment you weren’t just a dream to her.

You still remember the nights you didn’t spend beside her, she was just a dream to you then. A dream of someone you barely knew. Who would have known that she was the one who made all of your wildest dreams come true? In a moment, the theory of our dreams becoming a reality was more than just a possibility.

This is the girl you dream about and never want to wake up from. This is the girl you have been waiting for your entire life. This is the girl who has been here all along waiting to give you the type of love you have always deserved, but you weren’t quite ready for. It took you going through hell and back, but she was waiting with arms wide open at heaven’s gates.

It was New Year’s Eve at 11:12 PM and you couldn’t wait for the year to be over. At 11:15 PM, she spills a drink all over your brand new shirt, but you don’t care because she looked like heaven and restored your fate. Three years passed and you asked her to marry you when the ball dropped. You deserve the type of love that creates a story worth telling.

True love is the only love that awakens the soul. You’ve walked this earth your entire life, but your soul completely still. The love you deserve will one day bring you to life in a way you have never been, a way you never imagined you could feel. A love worth living for suddenly becomes a life worth living. The moment she opens her eyes into yours and you realize it isn’t just a dream, that’s when you know you finally have the love you’ve deserved all along.




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