They said she was like art, because she is supposed to make you feel something. If that’s the case, she’s a priceless piece.

Someone missed her value and put her aside to collect dust. When they no longer had the room to keep her stored, she became garbage. As she lied devalued and unappreciated, she lost her sense of purpose. All she wanted was someone to really see her, to really give her a good look. Enough to see her for what she truly was, though she no longer knew who that was.

Just because one person was unable to see her for what she’s truly worth, it no way diminishes her true value. Self worth is a beautiful and precious thing that is not measured by another’s outlook. Treasure it and keep hold of it. Keep hold of her, because she was a novelty item.

A passerby took one look at her and realized she was misplaced and needed to be restored. Her colors faded, but with the right tools she could be brought back to life. She deserved to be appreciated and cared for. It took her falling apart, only to be put back together by someone so gentle and caring. Someone who recognized her best even at her worst, knowing there was hope for a better tomorrow, for her. Someone who was drawn to her in a way that made her feel so wanted that she wouldn’t even have the opportunity to question her self worth again. Someone who made her aware that she is the only person she needs to feel beautiful, but that she deserves to be cherished anyway.

What a work of art she is.




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