Child’s Play

To love,

Something that has become so complicated,

Though it should remain simple.

If we could only take a moment

And think back to when it was all so simple.

So pure and genuine, to love like a child.

To look at something with such awe,

And generate pure happiness by glance.

Back to when love was that first breath of fresh air,

On Sunday morning’s in May.

Chasing the tune of nursery rhymes,

Running for the thrill of it,

Just for the momentary taste of something sweet.

Remember how easy it was to get back up after falling,

At what point did the sidewalk start holding us down?

Maybe we should have left the games on the playground,

Where they’ve always belonged.

Toys and bones broken, but never hearts.

Maybe the children aren’t as loud as they appear,

Maybe our laughter died out along the way.

Every day spent dressing up as the person we wanted to be,

Suddenly became suits and ties for acceptance and status.

Fearlessness; that’s ancient history now.

There are far worse things than scraped knees this time around,

But it’s nice to remember when there weren’t.

When is the last time you saw someone from the inside out? 

It’s tough to recall I’m sure.

If there’s one thing to remember,

Remember to always love like you were a child again.



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