Junk Food

Some words hard to read but harder to express, I bet you could think of a few. This set of words doesn’t just come to mind, it’s dragged to the surface. It won’t roll off your tongue as easily as it should. But there will come a time you can’t do it anymore…I can’t do it anymore.

These set of words are preserved and long overdue. These words toss and turn you all night. These words have the power of change. These words could heal the broken and strengthen them all at once. These words will save you from self-sabotage. These words will take you away from something that no longer serves you purpose.

The thought of this sentence puts your body into complete shock and brings tears down your face. These words are a child’s nightmare. These are the words you find at rock bottom. These words are the lyrics to that song you listen to on repeat, that song you just can’t seem to turn off.

These words picked up and dialed so many times, but never went through with the call. These words drove miles to see you, but missed your exit. These words were the cure, but you thought you would heal on your own. These words are your shadow in the daytime, but you stopped going outside. These words are stopping at a yellow light when you had room to go. These words are cancelling plans at the last minute on a Saturday night.

These words are junk food that your taste buds ache for. Words that you know you should spit out, but continue to choke down. Each time, more pain and indigestion. It poisoned you until you grew sick, and you haven’t eaten junk food since.


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