Drunk minds speak sober thoughts..

A few too many and suddenly everything you’ve held inside of you pours out…

the same way you poured that third glass.

You feel the weight lifted from you – a burst of power, you’re superhuman.

Constantly under the influence because everything feels so raw, so real.

Boundaries are no longer apparent, what you feel is what you say, what you say is what you feel.

Drunk minds speak sober thoughts..

Your sober thoughts are enough to heighten your habit. You were so scared of your sober thoughts that you became an alcoholic.

You drink until your fears have numbed away, you have never been so honest, so outspoken.

Your sober life just isn’t as exciting, so you pour one more.

You drink to feel, until your emotions become phrases, to break those walls and boundaries.

What if we were just so raw and so real when we were sober, like the way we are when we drink?

We’ve suddenly become so intoxicated with life, we never needed to drink again.


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